10 Mother's Day crafts for beginners

Handicrafts for mother's day

Are you a beginner in the world of crafts and are you looking for easy proposals to make a last-minute gift with which to surprise your mom on Mother's Day? Then you have come to the right place because in this post we present you X ideas of Mother's Day crafts for beginners. Let's go there

Medal for Mother's Day

Medal for Mother's Day

Is your mom the best in the world? Let them know with this beautiful medal. It is a fabulous detail for children (and adults) to give to their mothers on this special day to thank them for their effort and love every day of the year.

The materials to make this craft are really easy to find: colored cardboard or paper, scissors, a glue stick, decorative tape, and a marker.

The instructions, like the materials, are also very easy. Don't worry, in the post Medals for Mother's Day You have a small tutorial with images explaining how to assemble the materials to create this beautiful gift.

Magnets with clothing sticks to give as a gift on Mother's Day

Magnets for Mother's Day

Another craft for Mother's Day for beginners that you can do in no time are these decorative clips for hanging notes and decorate the refrigerator. This is a very endearing idea to surprise your mother by filling the refrigerator with tender messages and beautiful dedications if you don't have much time to create another type of gift.

What materials will you need to make these refrigerator magnets? The basis of this craft is some wooden clothespins that we all have at home. Other things you will need are washi tape, some scissors, a little glue and some magnets.

If you want to see how to make this little detail for Mother's Day, take a look at the post Magnets with clothing sticks to give as a gift on Mother's Day which brings a very easy tutorial with images for beginners in the world of crafts.

Bracelet for Mother's Day

Bracelet for Mother's Day

Is your mom passionate about jewelry? Then the ideal gift for Mother's Day is a bracelet that reminds him of you when you put it on. Maybe you haven't tried making bracelets before but don't worry because this proposal is perfect for beginners. You will really enjoy doing it! This is a great boho style bracelet to wear in spring or summer.

What are the materials you will have to get to make this gift? A cord of any type (for example, mouse tail, sailor cord or silk cord), some scissors, a little glue, a sequin ribbon that contrasts with the color of the cord and a metal magnet closure.

The level of difficulty of this craft is low so the procedure to do it will be very simple. It won't take you many minutes to have it ready. Don't miss the post Bracelet for Mother's Day to know all the steps!

Card with tulips for Mother's Day

Card with tulips for Mother's Day

Flowers and Mother's Day are a perfect combination. But what if we give this classic a twist to make it something more original? On this occasion, I propose a handmade card with tulips so you can congratulate your mother on this special day.

This model is a card with tulips whose result is very pretty, as if it were a flirtatious bouquet of flowers. In addition, it has the advantage that the procedure to make this craft is not complicated at all, making it ideal for beginners.

You can find the things you will need to make this gift as well as the instructions to create it in the post Card with tulips for Mother's Day. There you will also see an explanatory video that will make your task easier. It will be one of the most endearing ways to say how much we love our mothers!

Mother's Day gift card

Mother's day gift card

Another model of card with flowers To congratulate Mother's Day is this one that we present below. It is a very easy craft to make and so colorful that it looks fantastic anywhere in the house where your mother can place it.

The materials you will need to create this craft are: A4 colored cardboard, small yellow pompoms, narrow decorative bow, scissors that cut out a rounded shape, normal scissors, ruler, pen, black marker, hot glue and gun.

As for the flowers on this card, at first they may seem a little complicated but if you follow the steps carefully you will be able to make them without any problem. If you don't want to miss any of the steps, you can also take a look at the video tutorial included in the post. Mother's Day gift card.

Gift wrapping for Mother's Day

Wrapping for Mother's Day

The following craft is the perfect complement to present your Mother's Day gift in an appropriate and beautiful way. As you see, it is a handmade wrapping where you can save some other crafts from this compilation such as the bracelet, greeting cards or magnets, among others.

What materials will you need to make the gift wrapping? As a base element you will have to look for packaging paper or craft paper, some scissors, some ribbons, a printed wrapping paper, a smooth cardboard, a little glue, a heart mold and a gift box.

If you want to know how this wrapper is made, after having put all these things together, check out the post How to make gift wrapping for Mother's Day to obtain all the necessary information. You will see that it is so simple that even a beginner in crafts can do it!

Original wrapping for a special gift

Original packaging

Another wrapping idea for Mother's Day is this very original proposal. You will only need some wrapping paper that you have at home and some decorative elements to be able to make your own wrapping. For example, some pompoms, a printed ribbon to match the paper, a little EVA foam, some glitter, some stickers and some irregularly cut scissors.

How do you make this wrapping for Mother's Day? Very easy! You will find all the steps in the post Original wrapping for a special gift, which also comes with a video tutorial so you don't have complications when presenting your gift for mom.

DIY: Bracelets with eva rubber

Bracelets with eva rubber for Mother's Day

Looking for more Mother's Day gift ideas for beginners? How is this pretty bracelet made with eva rubber? Even if you are a little new to the world of crafts, you will see that this proposal is really easy so it can be a very nice last minute detail to give to mom.

What are the materials you will need to carry out this craft? Take note! You will have to get some foam rubber in different colors, some scissors, a cutter, a ruler and a pencil.

As for the procedure to make these bracelets, it does not have many complications, especially because with the post DIY: Bracelets with eva rubber You will find the entire process explained step by step.

Ferrero Rocher box decorated with hearts

Ferrero rocher box with washi tape

If your mom has a sweet tooth and you would like to sweeten her day in an original way, the following craft will be perfect for you. It is a ferrero rocher box decorated with hearts that you can fill with your mother's favorite sweets, for example her own Ferrero Rocher chocolates, various candies or anything else she craves.

The materials you will need to make this craft are the following: a Ferrero Rocher plastic box and washi tape with drawings of hearts.

As for the procedure, you will only have to take the washi tape to border the lines of the plastic box. When you are finished, add the gift you have chosen into the box. You can also choose a little gem. If you want to see the entire procedure for this craft, see the post Ferrero Rocher box decorated with hearts.

How to make a bookmark

Teacup bookmark

Is your mom passionate about reading? So one of the coolest and simplest gifts you can give her for Mother's Day is this one. nice bookmark that marks the end of your reading. Ideal to accompany that book that you had been wanting to buy for so long.

The materials to create this craft are the following: felt or cardboard in a color similar to tea, others for the cup and a little black and white to create the details. You will also need a cutter and scissors, white thread, glue stick and a black marker.

If you want to see how it's done, don't miss the post How to make a bookmark where you will find all the details.

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