10 easy and original crafts with glass jars

fruit jars

Who knew a simple old glass jar could be so useful for crafts? It can be given many different uses: candy, decorative, organizational, etc.

If you are thinking of using those empty jars to give them a new life, we encourage you to take a look at this compilation of 10 easy and original crafts with glass jars.

Fruit jars, decorative and original

The first craft are these colorful jars decorated with fruits that you can use to store markers, pencils or any other object that you want to keep organized and not lose it around the house. As you can see, this is a very practical idea with which you can also recycle glass jars.

What materials will you need to create these original jars? Two used glass jars that you can use to recycle, pink acrylic paint, yellow acrylic paint, green acrylic paint, black acrylic paint, white acrylic paint, brown and black marker, a medium thick brush and a sponge.

The result is fantastic! Very appropriate for the summer season that is about to arrive. If you loved this idea and can't wait to put it into practice, in the post Fruit jars, decorative and original.

Vintage jars to decorate

The following craft is another fabulous idea to recycle some useless glass jars that you have around the house and give them a second life.

You can customize them however you like, whether with your name or with some nice design. What do you think of the proposals that appear in the tutorial? You can see how all the steps are done by playing the video and if you want to read the procedure in detail you can do so in the post Vintage jars to decorate.

Now take note of the materials you will need to create these vintage-style decorative jars: glass jars, colored spray paint, white and gold markers, white cardboard, magazine paper and sheets of paper, a pencil and a few other things that you can find within the craft post.

Decorated jars for the bathroom

Glass jar for the bathroom

The third craft on this list will be very useful for you. organize bathroom things: like cotton swabs, makeup remover pads, hair ties and hairpins, colored soaps and anything else you can think of. It will also give a very charming touch to your decoration and without spending much money!

What are the materials you will need to gather to create these jars? A glass jar, permanent colored markers and bows or ropes to decorate the top of the jars, since they will not have a lid. Very easy!

In the post Decorated jars for the bathroom You will be able to find all the detailed steps and a tutorial with images to help you with the preparation process. And if you don't want to make it for the bathroom, you can use this idea to create a terrarium with white stones for other spaces in the house.

Glass jars decorated for Valentine's Day

Glass jars decorated for Valentine's Day

This other idea will look perfect to enjoy romantic moments at home like on Valentine's Day. These boats with sails They are a very original way to decorate your home and, having made them by hand, also to express your feelings towards your partner on this special day.

If you would like to design the post Glass jars decorated for Valentine's Day, the materials you will need are the following: a white adhesive sheet, dark pink spray paint, white and black fine-tip fixing marker, fuchsia half-transparent decorative tape, candles, scissors and some more things that you can read in said post.

And if you feel like making other designs, think of something that you like or that inspires you. What matters is that you enjoy every step of making this beautiful craft!

Recycled glass candle holder

Recycled glass candle holder

Do you want to decorate your house with a special light and aroma when you get home from work? Then, you will like the following craft. It's about a homemade glass candle holder with which you can also recycle the used glass you have at home and give it a new life. These types of jars are always saved for some other occasion, so they are ideal for making crafts when they no longer serve you.

Let's see, below, what materials you will need to create these candle holders: recycled glass jars, adhesive tape, gold-colored enamel, cotton toothpicks, acrylic enamel of different colors, a paintbrush, colored stones and, of course, your Favorite scented candles.

The procedure is super easy to carry out but above all very creative. It will allow you to put into practice a lot of different designs. In the post Recycled glass candle holder You will find some ideas as well as instructions to carry out this craft.

Glass jars for Halloween

Glass jars for Halloween

A very cheap and beautiful decorative element that you can make for Halloween are these glass jars decorated with the face of the mythical Jack-o'-lantern. Being made with leaves, it looks like a very autumnal craft, perfect for this season. For example, during the day you can decorate it with leaves and on the night of October 31 you can empty the jar and put a candle inside to illuminate the room.

Let's go over what materials you will have to gather to make this craft: three glass jars
recycled materials, a thin string to decorate, transparent cold silicone, black cardboard, a pen, some scissors, a large paintbrush, a candle and small leaves of various colors that you can find in the garden or in a park.

If you want to learn how this craft is done, do not miss the post Glass jars for Halloween where you can read the entire procedure and also see a fairly detailed tutorial. Even with a little imagination you can customize it to your liking!

Glass jars for Christmas

The following proposals for decorative jars are some of my favorites for Christmas. The final result is very pretty and colorful. If you also fill the jars with candy or chocolate bars, this craft can become a great gift to give to your friends or family during the holidays.

What materials will you need to obtain to carry out these models of Santa Claus and his reindeer? Take note! Two recycled glass jars, ribbon to decorate, two brown pipe cleaners, brown cardboard, two craft eyes, red glitter cardboard, two red and several white pompoms, a silicone gun, a pencil, a ruler and… your favorite sweets!

In the post Glass jars for Christmas and fill them with candies from the blog you will find all the information well explained so you can put these crafts into practice. You will love making them and the video tutorial will make things easier for you!

DIY: Jars for infusions

Infusion jars

Do you like to enjoy a healthy infusion to start the day? Or maybe you prefer to finish it off by taking a relaxing drink before going to sleep? Be that as it may, the truth is that you will need to have them collected and organized in the kitchen, so this proposal will be very useful to you: some jars to store infusions.

The materials you will need to create this craft are very simple. You probably already have many of them at home from previous occasions: a glass jar to recycle, burlap fabric, jute rope, lace, cardboard, a pen and some scissors.

Do you want to learn how these pretty jars are made? In the post DIY: Jars for infusions You can take a look at the entire process along with a very detailed tutorial with images so you don't miss anything. Dare to create it!

Glass jars with clay for Christmas

This is one of the coolest models to make for these holidays. The result is elegant and beautiful, so if you want to make a handmade Christmas craft to decorate your home, perhaps this idea is what you were looking for.

In that case, let's see what materials you will need to make it: two glass jars, a package of white clay that dries in the air, small star-shaped cookie cutters of various sizes, gold acrylic paint, a brush, a knife, some scissors, some jute rope, and some other things that you can read in the post Glass jars with clay for Christmas.

If you want to learn how to do this craft, we recommend that you take a look at the video tutorial that accompanies this post, where all the steps are very well explained.

Jar decorated with macramé rope

This craft is another very nice model to make to recycle the glass jars that you have empty at home. It's about a jar decorated with macramé rope in which you can add a candle to illuminate the room and create a relaxing atmosphere.

What materials will you need to create this jar? Very few! A large glass jar, a small white or beige macrame-type rope, some scissors, hot silicone and your gun.

As for the procedure, making this craft is simpler than it seems. You can find out in the post Jar decorated with macramé rope. To help you, don't miss the following video tutorial where you will find all the detailed steps to carry it out quickly.

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