11 original candy boxes for any occasion

Sweet crafts

If you are a person with a sweet tooth and you like to give gifts and be given candy and chocolates on special occasions, this compilation of 11 original and fun candy boxes will give you a lot of ideas to make candy boxes with which to surprise your friends. Do you dare to create some models? Don't hesitate and go for it.

How to make candy boxes with crepe paper for parties and celebrations

Sweets for parties

With spring comes the season of celebrations: weddings, baptisms and communions. If you have an event in the coming months and you want to create a nice detail to give to your friends or guests, this craft could be a good idea to sweeten a very special day.

If you like these cute sweets, below we review the materials you will need: a cardboard tube of toilet paper or kitchen paper, crepe paper in the colors you like the most, paper printed with the motifs you like the most, some scissors and an adhesive , such as glue stick, white glue or silicone.

The procedure to make these sweets for celebrations and parties is very simple. You can see in the post How to make candy boxes with crepe paper for parties and celebrations all the instructions as well as a tutorial with images where you will be explained step by step how to carry out this craft.

How to make a Santa Claus candy bowl and keep the children entertained

Santa Claus candy

When Christmas comes, a lot of gatherings with friends and family are celebrated. In case you are going to organize a celebration and want to have a detail with which to entertain your guests, you can surprise them with this fun and original Santa Claus candy bowl that serves as the culmination of a Christmas lunch or dinner. It will be a proposal that children will love, especially!

What materials will you need to create this Santa Claus candy box? Some cardboard tubes of toilet paper, some pens or pencils, red, white and black cardboard, some laces, a stapler and glue, and, of course, a bag of jelly beans, among other things.

Once you have all the materials gathered, to make the craft we advise you to take a look at the post How to make a Santa Claus candy bowl and keep the children entertained where you will find all the instructions to make this fantastic candy maker step by step.

How to make an Easter candy bowl in five minutes

Sweet for Easter

Another time of year when you can create beautiful candy boxes to give to your friends and family is Easter. The result is fantastic and the craft is quite easy, so this proposal is a good candidate to put into practice during the holidays. It will only take you about 5 minutes!

Take note of the materials you will need to create this candy bowl for Easter: As a base element you will need a glass jar, colored cardboard, adhesive foam, a paper hole punch, different shaped die cuts, lace and a few other things.

You have the rest of the materials as well as the instructions to make this detail in the post How to make an Easter candy bowl in five minutes. Don't forget to fill it with the candies and chocolates that you like the most!

Easter bunny shaped candy

Easter Bunny Candy

Do you need to make a candy bar quickly? Don't worry, this Easter bunny shaped candy box It's the idea you're looking for. It is a minimalist design that is very easy to make.

To create this candy bowl model you will have to get the following materials: cardboard tubes of toilet paper, white glue, wool, colored cardboard, scissors, pencil, liquid glue and some other things that you can find in the post Easter bunny shaped candy.

If you want to see how this craft is done, we advise you to take a look at this post as it has a very detailed tutorial with images so you don't miss anything. It is very well explained!

Heart candy to give on Valentine's Day

Heart shaped candy

If your partner has a sweet tooth and loves candies and chocolates, a very tender (and sweet!) detail is this pretty heart-shaped candy bowl to give as a gift on Valentine's Day. The design is cute and you will surely have a great time making it.

Unlike other candy makers in this compilation, this Valentine's heart has a somewhat more difficult level since it requires using a sewing machine in some steps. Fortunately, in the post Heart candy to give on Valentine's Day You will have a very useful explanatory tutorial to make things easier for you.

As for the materials, take note of everything you will need: Packing paper, sheets of paper, colored adhesive paper, a sewing machine, some scissors, a pencil, a black marker, some pins and, of course, candy. and chocolates.

Monster candy with plastic cups

candy monster with plastic cups

This monster-shaped candy bowl It's fantastic to do during Halloween. You can make them in several different colors and fill them with any candy or candy. The little ones will surely love it!

This fun little monster can be a great way to keep kids entertained during a Halloween party. The procedure for making the candy bowl does not have many complications so, with your supervision, they will be able to do it without major problems.

What are the materials you will have to get to make this monster-shaped candy maker? Aim! Some colored plastic cups, colored EVA foam, some scissors, glue, EVA foam hole punches and colored pipe cleaners.

To see how this craft is done, we advise you to see the post Monster candy with plastic cups. You have all the steps perfectly explained so you can guide the children.

Candy with plastic bottles

Sweets with eva foam

This craft is perfect to have as decoration in the kitchen or on a table in the living room. You will have a candy on hand to welcome or say goodbye to visitors who come home. Another option is to place it in the hall at the entrance of your house to appease that desire for sweets that we sometimes crave.

This candy bowl is made with plastic bottles as a base element. However, other materials that you will need to gather are foam rubber, printed cardboard, some scissors and special glue for foam foam. You can learn more about the procedure to make these beautiful sweets in the post Candy with plastic bottles.

Snowman-shaped candy for Christmas

Sweets for Christmas

Another very original and beautiful candy bowl model to create during the winter or the Christmas holidays is this one. snowman-shaped candy bowl. This craft, in addition to being very attractive, will also allow you to recycle various materials, with which you can give them a second life and take care of the environment.

What materials will you need to make this snowman-shaped candy box? Cardboard rolls of toilet paper, blank sheets of paper, a black marker, red tissue paper, colored EVA foam, a die, scissors and glue. Surely you will already have many of these materials stored at home.

To know the procedure to carry out this craft, we advise you to take a look at the post Snowman-shaped candy for Christmas. There you will find all the information and a tutorial with images explained in great detail.

Ghost candy for Halloween

candy maker for halloween

Another very fun and terrifying candy maker model is this one. ghost-shaped candy box for Halloween. It is extremely easy to make and can be the perfect accessory for children to play trick or treat. The little ones will surely love it!

Let's review the materials that you will have to get to put this craft into practice: cardboard rolls of toilet paper, glue, sheets of paper, tissue paper, scissors, pen, black marker and your favorite candies.

How is this candy made? Very easy! This craft only requires a few steps to quickly have it finished. You can review them all in the post Ghost candy for Halloween.

Vampire-shaped candy bar

Halloween candy bar

This vampire shaped model It's also a great way to present a candy bar for Halloween. This is a specific design for chocolate bars! So you can prepare it along with another candy bowl model for Halloween to give to children.

What materials will you need to make this Dracula-shaped wrapper? You'll need to gather some black and/or maroon cardstock, craft eyes, glue sticks, and, of course, your favorite candy bars! Another option is to buy a large chocolate bar and cut a piece to wrap in aluminum foil and thus have several chocolate bars.

If you want to learn how to make this very original craft, we advise you to see the post Vampire-shaped candy bar where you will find all the steps explained in detail.

Sweet bowl with candy envelope

Sweet bowl with candy envelope

This candy bowl model is extremely easy to make and you can also customize it to the maximum with the decorative motifs that you like the most. Suitable for any time of the year: Halloween, Christmas, Carnivals, etc. So any time is a good time to put it into practice!

Write down this list of materials that you will need to create this craft: brown wrapping paper, colored markers, glue stick, scissors, and candy or gum.

And how is this candy box with envelope made? The procedure has no mystery and is very simple. Don't worry, in the post Candy box with candy envelope you have all the information.

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