12 crafts with paper flowers

Spring centerpiece

May is the month of flowers! If you are not an expert in caring for plants and sooner or later they end up dying, don't worry, making these beautiful paper flowers with which to decorate the house is the solution. You can even give them as gifts! Check out these 12 paper flower crafts.

How to make crepe paper flowers

crepe paper flowers

Flowers are one of the most beautiful and entertaining crafts to make. Also with crepe paper. In this case we show you how to make some handmade flowers whose result is very realistic. It will be used to decorate gifts, other crafts or any space in your house that you want.

What materials will you need if you want to make these pretty flowers? Take note! Strips of crepe paper of various sizes, a ruler, some scissors and a glue gun.

To see how this craft is done, we advise you to take a look at the post How to make crepe paper flowers where you will find a very detailed tutorial with all the instructions to make these pretty flowers. Do not miss it!

Flowers with paper napkins

Paper roses for Valentine's Day

Whether or not you have a knack for crafting, you will surely love trying to make these. flowers with paper napkins. With some simple paper napkins you can make some fantastic flowers to give to yourself or someone you love on a special day.

What are the materials you will need to gather to make this craft? Just find a few napkins, some markers, some scissors and thin wire. You won't need anything else. Then watch the video tutorial in the post DIY: Valentine Flowers with Paper Napkins to follow the instructions step by step.

You will see how these flowers with paper napkins are the most beautiful detail to give as a gift along with a book or a box of chocolates.

How to make flowers out of crepe paper

The following is one of the ideas that I like the most to make flowers. It is about crepe paper flowers very simple whose result looks most beautiful and delicate.

It won't cost you much to carry them out, either in terms of time or money. You can find the materials you will need at any store in your neighborhood, but you probably already have several things at home such as crepe paper, colored ribbons, buttons, scissors, glue, and flexible wire.

As for the procedure, it is quite simple. But to make everything easier in the post How to make flowers out of crepe paper You have a video tutorial and all the instructions at your disposal to learn how to do them.

paper roses

How about creating some beautiful paper roses doing the origami technique? The procedure is really simple and will take you less than 10 minutes to do. They are beautiful to decorate a bowl or vase that you have in the hall at home and you can create them in multiple shades.

As materials you will have to gather the following: cardboard paper in the colors you like the most, a marker, some scissors, a wooden rod or stick and a little glue.

As we told you, the instructions to make these paper roses are very simple but, in any case, in this video tutorial you will find all the steps so you don't get lost. In no time you will be able to make these beautiful paper roses.

Open paper flowers

paper flowers

Another of the crafts that you can carry out are these open paper flowers that you can use as decoration for a birthday, a celebration room or simply around the house. They are not difficult to create and are not cared for unlike natural flowers.

What materials are needed and how are these open paper flowers made? Regarding materials, you will have to gather colored paper, some scissors, a stapler, some staples and some glue. And as for the preparation process, don't worry, take a look at the post Open Paper Flowers where you will find all the details.

White carnations with toilet paper

Have you ever thought about doing paper flowers using toilet paper? The result will surprise you! It looks very similar to white carnations and if you place them in a vase, they will give a very fresh touch to your home.

What materials will you need to make this craft? In reality, very few things: some strips of toilet paper, a long green wire as if it were the stem, and some scissors.

If you want to learn how to create these pretty white carnations with toilet paper, don't miss this short video tutorial with all the steps. You'll see how simple it is!

How to make a paper flower crown

Crown of flowers

With the arrival of spring, a lot of events are celebrated such as baptisms, birthdays, baby showers... If you want to collaborate with the decoration of these celebrations, a good idea could be to create spectacular ones. paper flower crowns made by hand. It will look great wherever you decide to place them, although they look very pretty on tables, walls and doors.

In addition, you can customize them to your liking and give them the size and color you prefer. The materials you will have to get are the following: colored papers, scissors, stapler, silicone gun and wire.

Regarding the procedure, in the post How to make a paper flower crown You can watch a very detailed video tutorial to guide you in making it. It is so easy that even the little ones in the house can give you a hand to make it.

Lilo flower or cluster flower

lilac flower

Are you looking for more ideas to decorate the different rooms in your house with paper flowers? A very attractive option that brings joy to the room are these lilac flowers. They will look very pretty if you accompany them with dried plants or flowers such as lavender or eucalyptus.

Let's now look at the materials you will need to make this craft. Take note of what you will need!: some colored crepe paper, a stick to serve as a branch, scissors and a glue stick. And how are these bunch-type paper flowers made? Take a look at the post Lilo flower or cluster flower There you will find the entire process to make this craft.

Crepe paper and cord flower crown

paper flower crown

Spring and summer bring with them music festivals and other events where you can show off this beautiful hippie tiara made with paper flowers. It's cute, easy and, best of all, very cheap! As soon as you learn how to make it, you will surely want to make several crowns with different shapes and colors to show off wherever you go.

As I said, the materials are basic and easy to find. In fact, you probably already have many things at home from previous occasions: crepe paper, glue, scissors and string.

In the post Crepe paper and cord flower crown All the steps are very well explained and you even have a video tutorial so you don't miss any details. You will see how well this paper flower crown combines with all your looks!

Crepe paper lilies

The following craft is one of the most beautiful in this compilation of paper flowers. These are beautiful lilies made from crepe paper. They have all the details, such as the stamens or the stem and leaves. So the result looks quite realistic. These flowers will look fabulous in a vase in the living room or hallway of your home.

What materials will you need to gather to create this craft? First of all, crepe paper in the colors you like the most. Also some scissors, hot glue and its gun, a ruler, a pencil, a black marker, a long green wire and thread the same tone as the crepe paper.

If you want to learn how to make these beautiful crepe paper lilies, I encourage you to press play and watch this video tutorial that has the steps explained in detail. You will see how easy it is to make a bouquet!

Crepe Paper Daisies

Hen/Stag daisies They symbolize innocence and represent spring perfectly. If you want to fill every corner of your house with these flowers, this craft will be to your liking. The result is spectacular!

To make this craft, as a base element you will have to get white, yellow and green crepe paper. Also some scissors, a ruler, some green rods and a hot glue gun.

And to know how to assemble all these materials, there is nothing better than taking a look at the video tutorial of these flowers that we present to you. You will see how quick and easy these margaritas are made!

Centerpiece with flowers, candles and stones

Spring centerpiece

Now with the good weather we want to renew the decorations in the house to give it a new and different look. In this purpose, flowers play a fundamental role whether they are real or not.

A fantastic idea to carry out for this purpose could be this Centerpiece with lotus flowers, candles and stones. In this post you will see all the things you will need to make this craft. Take note!: colored crepe paper for the flowers and leaves, scissors, silicone gun, candles, stones and a tray.

And if you want to know how it's done, don't miss the tutorial with images that it comes with. It will help you not to lose detail during the process of creating this centerpiece with lotus flowers.

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