12 Easy Easter Crafts

Holy Week is one of the most endearing periods of the year with a deep religious meaning. A time of recollection and prayer where many families gather at home to spend time together and enjoy doing entertaining activities such as Easter crafts.

Do you want to decorate your house with Easter crafts this year? These are very fun, colorful and creative crafts with which you can spend a most entertaining time during this party.

How to make an easter egg with a rubber eva chick

easter egg

Decorating eggs with colors is a classic of Easter. But making your own Easter egg with foam rubber is another story. A craft that will give a very fun touch to the rooms of the little ones and whose result is very nice.

The materials you will need to make this Easter egg with a chick are foam, permanent markers, glue, scissors, foam punches, compass and scissors.

To see how it is done, do not miss the post How to make an easter egg with a rubber eva chick where you will find all the instructions to make this Easter craft.

Centerpiece for Easter

Easter table centerpiece

Another of the Easter crafts that you will love to prepare during these holidays is a beautiful centerpiece with which to decorate your table if you have guests for lunch or dinner. The decoration of the table and linens is very important to create the right atmosphere. This centerpiece is a super creative way to decorate your table without using a lot of materials or a lot of effort.

As materials you will have to get only a few things (basket, handkerchief, crepe paper and eggs). If you want to see how this centerpiece is made, I recommend you read the post Centerpiece for Easter.

Decorative candle for Easter

Decorative candle for Easter

This candle is another of the coolest Easter crafts that you can do as a family if the kids are home on vacation. It is made with first-hand materials such as paint, brushes, glue, pencil, ruler, compass, three-color cardboard and a small cardboard tube.

The result is very bright and colorful. This decorative candle is perfect for decorating any room on important dates such as Easter or even Christmas. in the post Decorative candle for Easter You have a video tutorial that will allow you to follow the instructions in detail to make this beautiful Easter craft.

Brotherhood bookmarks

The Easter holidays are the ideal time to rest and enjoy reading. To return to those books that, due to the daily grind, are set aside on the shelves at home.

To order the readings during Holy Week, nothing better than having a nice bookmark. And if you do it with your own hands, you will have a great time during a lazy afternoon. Even if you have little ones at home they can lend you a hand. It is a fantastic opportunity to encourage reading among children.

The materials you will need to make these bookmarks are colored cardboard, glue sticks, markers and scissors. If you like Easter crafts take a look at the post Brotherhood bookmarks.

Cardboard and cardboard rabbit

easter bunny

One of the most typical characters of Holy Week is the Easter bunny. Surely during the holidays, children will love the idea of ​​creating this endearing character with cardboard and markers. In addition to having a very entertaining time, they will also learn the value of recycling.

The main material to make this Easter bunny is cardboard from toilet paper rolls. Other things you will need are light-colored construction paper, colored markers, glue, and scissors.

The procedure is very simple to do. You can see how to get this Easter craft in the post Cardboard and cardboard rabbit.

Easter candle

Easter candle

Another Easter candle model to make during the holidays is this one. If you don't have much time but you want to entertain the children with a simple and quick activity, you have to try it.

What materials will you need? A cardboard tube of aluminum foil. White paper, red cardboard, glue and scissors. It will only take you a few steps to achieve this curious result. You can see the whole process in the post Easter candle.

Holy Week Hood

Holy Week Hood

One of the Easter crafts that you can also carry out are the figures of Nazarenes with hoods so typical of the processions. You will spend time with your family and the children will have a lot of fun making these figures.

In the post Holy Week Hood You will find all the steps to make these Nazarenes. You will only need the following things as materials: crayons, scissors, glue and a template. Finally, add a birthday candle to give the figure more realism as if it were a candle with which the Nazarenes illuminate the Holy Week processions.

wool pom pom rabbits

easter bunny

If you want to do Easter crafts with a slightly higher level of difficulty to make a challenge during the holidays, you have this beautiful easter bunny with wool. When you finish it, you can use it to decorate a corner of the house, a shelf, the children's desk or even to make a key ring or a pendant for backpacks. The result is the most flirty.

As the title of this craft says, the main element that will be used for this bunny is wool. Other things that you will need are craft eyes, cardboard or colored felt. a hot gun and scissors.

To make the pompoms that will serve as the body of the Easter bunny you will need a mold that you can find along with the rest of the instructions in the post Rabbit with wool pompoms.

Brother of Holy Week

Do you like the idea of ​​making your little Easter brotherhood in miniature? Along with the Holy Week Hood craft you can do this one: a brother with a drum like that of the famous “Rompida de la Hora” in Calanda (Spain).

It is one of the easiest Easter crafts whose instructions you can follow in a video tutorial. Take a look at the materials you will need: colored cardboard, glue stick, craft eyes, scissors and a toilet paper roll cardboard.

With this Holy Week Brotherhood You will spend a wonderful afternoon with the children at home».

Easter finger puppet

Easter finger puppet

Another of the Easter crafts that you can teach children to do during the holidays is this rabbit puppet

It is a very simple craft that you can prepare in no time so that the little ones are entertained and play with it for a long time.

To make it you will need to gather all these materials: craft eyes, colored cardboard. scissors, pencils and some more things that you can consult inside the post Easter finger puppet. The post includes a video tutorial that will show you step by step how to make this puppet. It has no trick!

DIY we decorate an Easter notebook

The Easter bunny is a recurring theme in Holy Week. That is why it appears on so many occasions as a preferred motif in Easter crafts. It is the case of this easter notebook, which you can help children prepare during the holidays for the time to return to school.

In the post DIY we decorate an Easter notebook You can see the template with which to design the rabbit if you are not very good at drawing, as well as all the steps to make it and even the materials: notebook, colored cardboard, glue, scissors, decorated paper, ink and black pen.

Egg with surprise message

Surprise egg with message inside

One of the most beautiful and fun traditions that Holy Week brings is that of paint easter eggs. Kids will love the idea of ​​picking up brushes and paints to unleash their imaginations!

To make this Easter craft, you don't need a lot of materials, but you do need a little patience during the process. If the children are still young, they may need your help with some steps.

What materials will you need to make these colored eggs? Eggs, needle, scissors, brushes and paints. You can customize them with the messages and design that you like the most! You can see how it is done in the post Egg with surprise message.

Now that you have seen all these proposals for Easter crafts (Easter eggs and rabbits, decorative candles, bookmarks, brotherhoods...) which one would you like to start practicing your skills with? In this post you will find ideas for all levels, from the simplest to those that are a little more difficult.

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