Candlesticks with recycled cans

Candlesticks with recycled cans

With some simple cans that we have in our kitchen and that we no longer use, we can reuse and recycle to make beautiful candle holders with a little more than a simple string. In this craft the cans have been wrapped with jute rope and it has been glued with hot silicone. So that they are not so simple to look at, we have decorated them with a tassel that we can also make by hand and with a strip of pompoms that is not difficult to find. Go ahead, if you want to know how this craft is made with all kinds of details. Check out the video we have prepared in the link below.

The materials that I have used are:

  • A slightly tall aluminum can
  • A low aluminum can
  • Light brown jute rope
  • Jute rope a little thinner in blue
  • A tassel made of thick thread (you can see here how to do it)
  • Some orange and pink yarn or yarn
  • A strip of beige pompoms
  • Hot silicone and her gun

You can see this craft step by step in the following video:

First step:

With the light brown jute rope, let's go sticking it around our can with hot silicone. We start by putting a glob on the edge of the can and we will place the end of the rope down, and we already stretch the rope to the right, to the part where the silicone is. We are pouring the silicone little by little and glue the rope. It's best to do it this way because silicone dries quickly.

Candlesticks with recycled cans

Second step:

In the second turn of our rope we put the hanging part of the tassel. We will hide it from the back and continue looping our rope around the boat. So that the tassel does not bother us, we place it upwards and continue gluing the rope.

Candlesticks with recycled cans

Third step:

We will give turns and sticking the rope in the boat until the end. If we observe that the tassel is too long, we cut it, as has happened in my case.

Fourth step:

With the second can we have we do the same step. We take the jute rope and we go turns around the boat.

Candlesticks with recycled cans

Fifth step:

When we have passed more than half the boat, we pause and start wind some yarn over the rope. In my case I have chosen a thick pink thread and I have circled until reaching two centimeters in length. When we're done, we continue winding our rope, take another couple of turns, and pause again.

Candlesticks with recycled cans

Step Six:

We put another bit of thread, but in my case I have chosen a fine orange wool. We will always do it so that it is in the front or front of the can. We do the same, we wind on the rope until we reach another two centimeters and then we continue winding our rope until the end of the boat.

Candlesticks with recycled cans

Seventh step:

After gluing all the rope, we finish off and cut with the scissors all the excess part of the threads that disturb the view. We take our pompom strip and stick it with the silicone on the top of the can. We finished off its end well in the back.

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