Children's paper mobiles

Children's paper mobiles

The traditional way of making paper crafts such as mobiles is with several levels made with rods and from them hang the paper figures.

Paper fan

Paper fan

How to make paper fans in a practical craft job.

DIY: paper bags

DIY: paper bags

Practical DIY Decorating Ideas - Bags made from paper napkins.

An original jute curtain

An original jute curtain

A jute curtain can be a good idea to mask a discreet corner of the house or to place in a very sunny balcony window.

Gardening: Jasmine

Gardening: Jasmine

Jasmine is one of the most beautiful plants that can be planted in the garden or on terraces. You can have them for years and in perfect health

Aromatic centerpieces

Scented candle centerpiece

The centerpieces with scented candles are ideal for scenting the home with their rich fragrance that results from the combination of scents.

dried flowers

Make your dried flowers that will give a unique touch to your decoration.

Zen garden, Japanese gardening

Make a Zen garden

Make a Zen garden. How to create this Japanese garden from oriental culture.

Modeling cold porcelain 3

Do you remember the hand cream that was among the ingredients? Its usefulness is to prevent it from sticking to our hands

Easter decoration

Easter egg decoration

Easter egg decoration. The decoration of Easter eggs in a classic of Easter that brings with it the desire to decorate our home.

Modeling cold porcelain 1

What is cold porcelain? It is a dough, with a consistency similar to that of plasticine, with which you can work exactly the same as with plasticine or clay

Felt headband

Girls felt headbands

Make a felt headband or headband with a flower ornament ideal for girls and to give on Valentine's Day

How to make Batik

The Batik technique is used to make dyes in sections of clothing fabric and other pieces of fabric ...

Recycle your old jeans

Shorts are one of the coolest and most fashionable pieces this season, just by changing your footwear you can ...

jewelry chests

Jewelery Boxes

chests made of cardboard, lined and decorated to place jewelry.