15 Amazing Easy Bottle Crafts

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Doing crafts is an excellent opportunity to recycle some materials that we have at home and that would normally be discarded after use. This is the case of plastic bottles. With them you can do a lot of curious crafts with which to decorate the house. Do you want to see all the potential they have? don't miss these 15 crafts with bottles.

A nest of birds

nest with bottles

The typical large soda bottles that are made of a more resistant and robust plastic are ideal for making crafts like this birds nest. It takes a bit of work but the result could not be more beautiful.

With some plastic bottles, tempera paint, silicone glue, markers, brushes and some other things you can create this wonderful craft that will allow the birds in your garden or park to nest.

Do you want to see how it's done? Take a look at the post Recycled bottle ideas where you will find a video tutorial that will teach you how to make one of these easy bottle crafts.

A censer and a pot

Recycled plastic pots

Bottles are also great to make pots and censers. With these crafts you will have to follow practically the same steps that you gave in the previous craft but in a different way. This time you will need to get a water bottle whose plastic is less robust, which will mean having to give a greater number of layers of tea and cola.

Other materials that you will need are scissors, brushes, glue, paints, varnish, and a pompom, among a few other things. Find out how it is done in the post Recycled bottle ideas.

Decorative lamps with glass bottles and led lights

Led lamps

If you want to decorate your house in an original way, another example of crafts with bottles are these decorative lamps with glass bottles and led lights. They are super easy to make and won't take you long!

What materials will you need? First, some bottles, which you will have to clean well before turning them into lamps. Also semi-transparent paper and led lights. in the post decorative lamps with glass bottles and led lights you will see all the instructions.

Decorative lanterns with plastic bottles

plastic bottle lanterns

Another of the crafts with bottles that you can prepare and that will look better on your terrace or garden without these decorative lanterns. At night they are amazing and if you celebrate a party outside they give a lot of atmosphere.

To make this craft there are several materials that you will need to get: paint, brushes, scissors, cardboard, a star-shaped hole punch and, of course, LED candles and plastic bottles. These lanterns take a bit of work but the video tutorial that you will find in the post How to create lanterns by recycling plastic bottles.

Decorative bell

Hood with plastic bottles

Have you ever thought that you can make a decorative bell with a simple plastic bottle? To do this you will have to cut the upper part of the bottle and the rest you can save to make another craft such as the censer or the flowerpot that I was talking about earlier.

To make the bell with the plastic bottle you will have to use a cord, a punch to pierce the cap, a bell and colored paint to decorate it with. You can see how it is done in the post 3 ideas to recycle plastic bottles or pet bottles – special for Christmas. It is one of the most beautiful ornaments that you can make with your hands to decorate your house at Christmas.


star with plastic bottles

If you decide to do the previous craft, reserve the bottom of the plastic bottle to make this beautiful star shaped ornament. To give it a winter and Christmas touch, you can decorate its base with a snowflake following the silhouette of the bottle itself.

Take a look at the post 3 ideas to recycle plastic bottles or pet bottles – Christmas special to learn not only the materials that you will need (plastic bottles, paint, brushes, wire...) but also how to do it. You will surely be very surprised with the result!

Snow pendant

snow pendant with bottle

The following is one of the most original crafts with bottles that you can make: a snow pendant. To make it you will need the top part of the bottle, artificial snow and a Christmas figurine to fill its interior. You will also need to get some cardboard to close the bottom of the bottle.

It looks great as a Christmas tree decoration! You can see how it is done in the post 3 ideas to recycle plastic bottles or pet bottles – Christmas special.



The Plastic bottles They can also be used to make birdhouses or feeders. Even as a decoration for the garden or terrace.

In the post How to make a birdhouse by recycling plastic bottles You will find a simple tutorial that will teach you the tricks to make this craft with bottles. The materials that you will have to gather are: paint, brushes, plastic bottles, sandpaper, dry leaves and artificial flowers, among some other things.

Create a vase by recycling glass bottles

Vase with glass bottle

If you have celebrated a party at home and you have a few empty bottles of beer or Tinto de Verano left over, do not throw them away because you can use them to create a very original vase at the same time that you recycle the glass.

In addition to the glass bottles you will need string, silicone, scissors, white glue, brushes and paper napkins. Making these vase is quite easy. I recommend you click on the post Create a vase by recycling glass bottles to see how it's done. You will see very detailed instructions.

How to make Africans by reusing glass bottles

African dolls with bottles

Another of the coolest crafts with bottles that you can do are these pretty african figures to decorate your home. It is a very colorful decoration that looks great anywhere in the house, as it is very striking.

The main materials you will need are: glass bottle, glass paint, modeling paste and brushes. With them you can design these African dolls and pour all your imagination into creating their outfits. You can take inspiration in the post How to make Africans by reusing glass bottles.

Candy with plastic bottles


This craft with recycled bottles is perfect for children:sweet shops where to store candies! Surely they will love the idea of ​​creating and decorating their own candy box where they can store their favorite treats.

The materials that you will have to get to make this craft are very simple: plastic bottles, eva rubber, printed cardboard and special glue for eva rubber. The process to make it is also very easy. It won't take you long and in a few minutes you can have some fantastic confectioners. you can see it in the post Candy with plastic bottles.

Children's car made with plastic bottles

Cars with plastic bottles

Another of the crafts with bottles that you can make for children are cars to play. With it, you will not only make sure you spend a fun afternoon shaping these recycled toys, but you will also have a lot of fun playing with these cars afterwards.

What materials will you need? Plastic bottles, scissors, glue, plastic bottle caps and skewer sticks. in the post Children's car made with plastic bottles you will see how it is done.

Funny purse made with plastic bottles

Purse with plastic bottles

The following is one of the crafts with bottles that you can get the most out of: a purse where to take all the change when you go shopping. This way the money will not be lost in a pocket of your bag or jacket and you will find it quickly to pay!

This purse can be made in two different ways, although the basic materials you will need are the same: plastic bottles, a zipper, sewing thread, a sewing machine, and glue.

Do you want to know how it is done? don't miss the post Funny purse made with plastic bottles. There you have all the details.

Funny plastic bottles

Funny plastic bottles

One of the advantages of doing crafts with plastic bottles is that children can be taught to recycle and take care of the environment while having a blast painting and cutting out these little ones. cork-eating monsters. In addition, this specific craft will serve to collaborate in a good cause and that is to collect bottle caps to help other children in need.

Take note of the materials you will need to use! Plastic jug bottles (of course), colored cardboard, eraser and pencil, acrylic paint and brushes, scissors and glue. Once you've got them all you'll just have to learn how to make these little monsters. Take a look at the post Funny plastic bottles, there you will see the whole process.

DIY: Candle Holders Recycling Bottles

candle holders with bottles

The candleholder They are one of the easiest bottle crafts you can make. It is a very relaxing and fun hobby to do one of those afternoons when you are bored at home. In addition, you can customize it as you like, with which you will develop all your creativity. You will only have to paint the bottles and your candle holders will have a unique look.

Another advantage of this craft? That you will not need too many materials. Just a few glass bottles, round-nose pliers, aluminum wire, and candles. See how it's done in the post DIY: Candle Holders Recycling Bottles!

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