15 Crafts with Easter Eggs

Crafts Easter Eggs

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In addition to religious processions, sacred music and French toast, another Easter classic is Easter eggs. It is a very creative, colorful and fun craft with which you can liven up your family afternoons during these festivities.

Do you want to decorate your house with Easter eggs this year? don't miss these 15 Crafts with Easter Eggs with which you can develop all your talent with brushes and have a fun time. Let's start!

Easter egg decoration

Easter decoration

To do this easter egg craft, the first thing you are going to need is a handful of eggs with which to create different animal figures. You'll need to boil them, dry them with paper, and then get them ready to paint using brushes and food grade paint.

For Easter it is very appropriate to paint chicks, chickens, bunnies and eggs, although you can also create other animals that you like such as sheep, panda bears, owls, etc. There are no limits to the imagination! in the post Easter egg decoration you have all the details.

DIY: How to empty Easter eggs?

Easter Eggs

When making crafts with Easter eggs it is necessary that before decorating them they are well prepared for the occasion, that is, they are emptied and cleaned to be able to work on them turning all our creativity.

But how do you empty the shell to make Easter egg crafts? in the post DIY: How to empty Easter eggs? You will find the whole process and some trick that will help you to achieve an optimal result with which to prepare Easter eggs.

We transform an egg cup into a gift detail for Easter

Easter egg cup

During the Easter holidays you can take the opportunity to put into practice your talent with crafts and, incidentally, make a special gift for someone close to you. Looking for an original idea related to Easter eggs? How about turning an ordinary egg cup into a beautiful container to fill with chocolates?

In just a few steps you will get one of the coolest Easter egg crafts. You will need the empty cardboard of an egg cup, colored cardboard, acrylic paints, brushes, scissors, glue and a felt pom pom. Learn how it is done in the post We transform an egg cup into a gift detail for Easter.

Egg with surprise message

Surprise egg with message inside

If during Easter you are going to attend a birthday or take your children to a children's party and you want to surprise the guests with a nice detail, one of the coolest crafts with Easter eggs that you can prepare is this egg with surprise message. Children will love to participate!

What materials will you need? Eggs, needle, scissors, brushes, paints, sheet of paper, pencil and ruler. The process to do it is quite simple, although the step where you have to be a little more careful is when you empty the inside of the egg. You can see how it is made in the post Egg with surprise message.

Centerpiece for Easter

Centerpiece for Easter

Are you planning to give an Easter lunch or dinner with your loved ones? Table linen and decoration is very important. A very original way to decorate your table during these holidays is this centerpiece for easter. It's very pretty and it won't take you long to do it. In addition, the materials that you will need are quite cheap: basket, handkerchief, crepe paper and eggs. You have the steps to make this craft with Easter eggs in the post Centerpiece for Easter.

How to make an easter egg with a rubber eva chick

Easter egg with foam

Another of the crafts with Easter eggs that you can prepare with the children during the holidays at this time of year is a cute egg with eva rubber chick. The result is very colorful and will give a fun touch to the little ones' stays at home with a theme very much in keeping with these dates.

What materials will you need? Mainly, colored foam, permanent markers, a compass, foam punches, scissors, glue and scissors. You're going to love it! If you want to see how it is done do not miss the post How to make an easter egg with a rubber eva chick.

Animal Easter eggs with EVA foam and felt

Easter Eggs

Another very cool option to make crafts with Easter eggs are these cute animals with eva rubber and felt. They will allow you to unleash your creativity and design your favorite animal, although at this time of year a chick or a rabbit are the most represented.

On the Apli website they explain how to do it. You will need Styrofoam eggs, EVA foam and colored felt, pipe cleaners, wiggly eyes, pom poms, decor pen and a few other things.

Simple bunny eggs

bunny easter eggs

How about using some Easter eggs to shape some of the most curious bunnies for these holidays? These Easter egg crafts are perfect for children to practice their skills and also have a great time while being entertained and developing their creativity.

Take note of the materials you will need: Styrofoam eggs, decor pen, colored EVA foam and some type of adhesive. On the Apli website you can find the steps to do these easy bunny eggs.

glitter eggs

Glitter Easter Eggs

Do you have some glitter at home? Then you can prepare these pretty glitter easter eggs with feathers! They look great as a centerpiece and are prepared in a jiffy. For this craft you will also need Styrofoam eggs, colored pens, glitter, brushes and white glue. They will give a very original and fun touch to the decoration of your house. On the Aldi website you can learn how it is done.

Marble Easter Eggs

Marble Easter Eggs

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. marble easter eggs They are one of the most elegant Easter egg crafts you can make. As materials you will need a tablespoon of oil and vinegar, water to cover the eggs and a tablespoon of food coloring.

The process for creating these marble effect Easter eggs is pretty straightforward. You can see it on the El Plural website.

black and white easter eggs

Black and White Easter Eggs

If you have a minimalist style, you will surely like the following craft with Easter eggs since the colors that you will use to decorate them are white and black. You will only need black paint and brushes. That easy!

For the design you can choose the pattern that you like the most: lines, dot, geometric... They look fantastic! If you want to see the final result, you will find it on the El Plural website.

Easter eggs with emoticons

Easter eggs with emojis

How about creating some fun and different Easter eggs with the design of the social media emoticons? It's a super original idea! To make them you will need several hard-boiled eggs, colored paints, brushes and a black marker. The first layer of paint that you will have to give is the yellow color and then on it you can apply the rest of the colors to make the famous facial expressions of the emojis. Do not miss how it is done on the El Plural website.

Easter bunnies with eggs

easter bunnies

A classic of the Easter festivities is its famous bunny. So if you like crafts, this is one that cannot be missing from your repertoire. To create it you will need a few eggs, food coloring, some paper for the ears, wiggly eyes, markers and glue. On the El Plural website you can see the final result and how it is done.

minions eggs

Picture Fun Family Crafts

If you liked the idea of ​​making Easter eggs in the shape of emojis, then you cannot miss the minions design. The result is fantastic! If your children like these little creatures, they will surely want to help you paint the Minions eggs.

Gather a few eggs, craft wiggle eyes, food coloring, black marker, some vinegar, and glue. To help you characterize these characters, on the Guia Aiju website you will find a video tutorial that will be very useful. Do not miss it!

Super sparkly glitter decorated eggs

Glitter Easter Eggs

This is another model of the Easter eggs decorated with glitter because it has a super bright touch that will make them shine even more. You can use polyexpan eggs or hard boiled eggs. You will also need to use brushes, some kind of glue, and glitter.

The process to decorate these Easter eggs is very simple. You will have to apply the glitter very carefully until you cover the entire surface of the eggshell. However, on the Guia Aiju website you can see how it is done.

As you can see, all these Easter egg crafts are very easy to do. Why don't you dare to do them all? It is, without a doubt, a very fun and entertaining way to celebrate the Easter holidays in an original and different way.

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