13 Crafts with original matchboxes

Crafts with matchboxes

Image | Pixabay

Who would have thought that a simple matchbox could give so much play when it comes to crafting? So that's it! There are a lot of crafts with matchboxes with which you can develop all your creativity and have a very entertaining time.

From little angels to decorate the Christmas tree, recycled jewelery boxes for Mother's Day, a romantic detail for Valentine's Day or items to decorate the desk or a shelf that we have at home and thus give it an original touch.

If you want to try making crafts with matchboxesDo not miss this list of 13 crafts with fun and original matchboxes. You will have a great time decorating them!

Little Christmas Angel with Matchbox

little angel with box of matches

As a material for crafts, matchboxes give an excellent result and you can make cool things like this little christmas angel. The materials you will need to make this beautiful Christmas tree decoration are an empty matchbox, a piece of wool, black and white paint, a brush, scissors, glue, a pencil and a piece of cardboard.

You can see how it does in the post Little Christmas Angel with Matchbox. Surely this little angel will bring out all your Christmas spirit and is one of the easiest matchbox crafts to do with children.

Miniature matchbox chest of drawers

Crafts with matchboxes

Image | umacrafts

Matchboxes are a fantastic material to make a miniature chest of drawers for the dressing table so that earrings, bracelets and other pieces of jewelry can be stored inside instead of having them cluttered.

When decorating the shelves that will make up this chest of drawers, you can personalize each matchbox and decorate it with unique motifs that identify what is inside.

As materials you will need some matchboxes to use them in a natural tone or to cover them with cardboard and colored paper. The result is fantastic and you will only have to adapt it to the design you have in mind. You can see how it is done on the Umamanualidades website.

Matchbox Gifts


Image| umacrafts

But a miniature chest of drawers isn't the only craft that can be made from matchboxes. There are also other very original matchbox crafts that are fabulous and you can even give them to someone special.

This is the case of these small works of art for which you will need to get colored paper, scissors, markers, glue and markers. With a little skill and an inspiring design, you will have crafts as great as the ones you will find on the Jungle Paper website. So don't think about it anymore and as soon as you have some free time, start doing some of these amazing crafts. You will love it!

Matchbox with hearts

Although it may not seem like it at first, matchboxes are the perfect packaging to deliver a beautiful message to someone special. They can be personalized with a greeting. In addition, it is a very practical idea to keep a special object inside it.

For example, if you don't have a lot of time but don't want to miss out on making a cute matchbox craft, I recommend you take a look at this matchbox with hearts. What materials will you need? Of course, a box of matches, colored cardboard, scissors, glue, markers and some string. You can see the craft on the Papelisimo website. It is one of the most beautiful matchbox crafts that you can give for holidays such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or Grandparents' Day.

Miniature books with matchboxes

Books with matchboxes

Another use to give to matchboxes is to make these nice miniature books with which you can decorate the shelves of your house. It is also a super original way to recycle matchboxes once they are used up.

You can choose the wrapping paper that you like the most to cover the "covers" of the book and combine it with the spine. The materials that you will need are a few boxes of matches, a glue gun, pencils, brushes, white glue and wrapping paper. You can see how it is done on the website artesinfantiles.org

Matchboxes with decorative designs

Matchboxes give a lot of play. With a little imagination and everyday materials you can create small works of art to include original congratulations, dedications, invitations or redeemable bonuses. On the Edding.com website you can see some examples.

You will need several boxes of matches, colored markers and cardboard, markers, scissors and glue. As you can see, they are very simple materials that you probably already have at home from other crafts.

Matchboxes to give away

Image| Live Laugh Rowe

If you have been invited for a birthday and you are going to give a piece of jewelry as a gift (such as a ring or earrings), a beautiful and original way to give the gift is to create a box of matches to give away with recycled materials. You can even fill it with chocolates.

As in other crafts with matchboxes on this list, the materials that you will need are not complicated at all: matchboxes, wrapping paper, ribbon, awl, scissors and glue. On the Live Laugh Rowe website you can see this DIY and how to do it.

Matchbox Suitcases

matchboxes suitcases

The following is one of the matchbox crafts that requires a little more patience and skill. It's about some nice suitcases to decorate a desk or some shelves.

As materials you will have to gather several things. Among them matchboxes, brown paper to wrap them, glue, scissors, stickers to decorate and a slightly thicker and darker paper. On the web My mom has a blog you can see how it is done step by step.

diy express in a matchbox

Crafts with matchbox and cork

Like the previous one, for the next craft you will also need a little skill and patience as several steps are required to complete all the decorations in this matchbox craft that recreates a small stage where a story is told

The main materials that you will need to make this matchbox craft are the matchbox itself and a cork stopper that will be the character that will interpret the story that we create. Other materials that you will also need are acrylic paint, brushes, decorated napkins, wool and some other things that you can see on the Handbox website along with the procedure to make this express Diy in a matchbox.

DIY: With some matchboxes

Matchbox animal crafts

Another crafts with matchboxes that you can prepare is this DIY. Unlike other models, this craft is less difficult, ideal to prepare with small children and spend an entertaining afternoon painting and playing.

The model in the photo is a creation of the illustrator Jenny Melihove. On her website you can see very cool crafts that she makes. To make this DIY you will need some matchboxes, wrapping paper, cardboard, colored markers, glue, scissors and some other things.

Recycled matchbox jewelry box

Children love to do family activities and a nice gift that they can give to their mothers is this recycled matchbox jewelry box. In addition to having an entertaining time, it will help the little ones to acquire skills and motor skills as well as the value of recycling.

Write down the materials that you will need: large matchboxes, glue, scissors, brushes, glue, pencil, colored cardboard, stickers to decorate and large beads.

To see how this recycled matchbox jewelry box is made, you can find the instructions on the Children's Guide website.

Photo camera with matchboxes

matchbox photo camera

Image| Craftgawker

Another of the crafts with matchboxes that you can prepare is this cute miniature photo camera with a box of matches. Inside it you can put small photos or a nice message for the person you want to give this camera to.

As materials you will need a box of matches, colored cardboard, markers, scissors, glue and some other things depending on the design you want to give it. On the Woman of 10 website you can see how it is done.

romantic matchbox

Matchbox with key and heart

Image| simplicitybylateblossom

If you like crafts with matchboxes, the website Woman of 10 shows one that you can prepare for Valentine's Day. It is a very romantic little detail that your better half will surely love: a little box in which to keep the key to your heart.

As you can see, it is a craft that is very simple to do and also has a beautiful meaning. You will only need to get a box of matches, cardboard and white paper to cover it, red cardboard to draw the heart, glue, scissors and a nice key to keep inside. You will leave your crush speechless!

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