Easy and original butterfly crafts

Butterflies with beads from Hama Beads

Butterflies are one of the most recreated animals in crafts. Delicate and colorful, they represent transformation, hope and positivity and are also a symbol of spring. In addition, they look great as a decorative element in any space or on any object that we place them on.

If you are passionate about butterflies and would like to make a craft related to them, in this post you will find a compilation of easy and original butterfly crafts.

Funny butterflies made with cardboard and cardboard

Many times cardboard from paper rolls accumulate at home when we want to recycle them. But, instead of throwing them in the trash bin, how about we save them to make these funny butterflies with which to decorate the little ones' rooms?

This craft has a low level of difficulty so the little ones will love being able to give you a hand creating these butterflies. What materials will you need? Take note! A large cardboard cutting tube or two small tubes, fluorescent pink and orange acrylic paint, a paintbrush, yellow and pink construction paper, large and small pom poms, orange and pink pipe cleaners, scissors, some hot glue and his gun and eyes for crafts.

The procedure to make this craft is quite easy. You can see how it is done in the post Funny butterflies made with cardboard and cardboard.

Cardboard and crepe paper butterfly

Cardboard Butterfly

The following proposal is very good to decorate a children's room like a baby's. The blue and pink colors evoke tranquility and relaxation, ideal for a young child's atmosphere.

If you decide to make this model mariposa You can stick it on the walls of the room or hang them from the ceiling with a little thread. The result is the most beautiful. Let's see, below, what materials you will have to gather to make it: cardboard and pink and blue crepe paper, paper glue, craft eyes, some scissors, a thin black marker.

The procedure to make this butterfly is extremely easy. If you want to learn how to do it, we advise you to take a look at the post Cardboard and crepe paper butterfly where you will find all the detailed instructions.

Butterfly made with colored paper and pipe cleaners

Butterfly with pipe cleaners

The following model is probably one of the most minimalist in this compilation: butterfly with pipe cleaner. It doesn't take much time and the materials you'll need are easy to get. It's a good idea to keep the little ones entertained for a while so they can play later with the butterflies they have made.

Let's review the materials you will need: two sheets of colored paper of your choice (DINA-4), a pipe cleaner, some scissors and a stapler. Once you have obtained them, you will only have to assemble the pieces to create the craft.

In the post Butterfly made with colored paper and pipe cleaners You can find a very well explained tutorial with images so you can do this craft in no time. You dare?

Butterfly garland

Butterfly garland

Make butterfly garland It is the best way to receive and celebrate spring. Plus it's super easy! The materials you will need to make this craft are quite basic, so it is likely that you already have several of them stored at home.

Let's see them! Wool of the color you like the most, different colored papers to make the butterflies (if they have adhesive, better) and scissors.

The instructions for making the garland have no secrets as they are really simple. Do you want to know how it's done? So, don't miss the post Butterfly garland.

how to make a butterfly

Image| Lina's Crafts

This butterfly model It is also minimalist in style and the result is very beautiful. In just five minutes you can have it ready to decorate a space in the house, the cover of a notebook or the wrapping of a gift. You can use it however you want!

To create this craft you will hardly need any materials. Only three! Namely: cardboard in the colors you like the most, a glue stick and some scissors. As you can see, they are things that you can easily find around the house.

Finally, all that remains is to know the procedure to carry out this craft. You can find it in the post how to make a butterfly where all the instructions are explained in detail.

Butterflies to give with love

Butterflies with lollipops

The following idea is perfect to give as a gift and sweeten the day of someone special. It is about some lollipops decorated like a pretty butterfly.

What materials will you need to make this craft? Two pieces of decorative cardboard with floral motifs, a piece of red, pink and gold glitter cardboard, two lollipops or lollipops, red tissue paper, a decorative rope with some red tone, a little hot silicone with your gun, a pencil and a sheet of white paper.

As for the procedure, to make things easier when assembling the pieces in the post Butterflies to give with love You will be able to see a video tutorial with all the steps explained in detail.

Easy butterfly for kids

Easy butterfly for kids

If you are looking for craft ideas to keep the children entertained for an afternoon, this proposal is probably what you are looking for. This is a butterfly for children with an easy difficulty level.

It is made with a craft stick, two-color cardboard, a black marker and another color such as green, wax, wood paint or any other type of paint that provides a little color, a little glue and some scissors.

In the post Easy butterfly for kids You will be able to find all the detailed steps and a tutorial with images to help you with the preparation process. You will see how it is really simple!

Flying butterflies of colored paper

colorful paper flying butterfly

This other craft from the compilation is very similar to the first one on the list but somewhat more minimalist. It will be perfect if you have few materials at home but you don't want to miss the opportunity to put it into practice to have a fun time with the little ones in the house.

What are the materials you will need to gather to create these butterflies? Colored paper in the color you prefer for the butterflies, some scissors, a glue stick, a pencil, an eraser and a little tape.

The procedure is tremendously simple to perform but above all very creative. It will allow you to put into practice a lot of different models. In the post Flying butterflies of colored paper some ideas as well as instructions to carry out this craft. When you finish them, you can hang them from the ceiling or walls to decorate the children's rooms.

Butterflies with beads from Hama Beads

Butterflies with beads from Hama Beads

The next craft is a little more difficult but the result looks great. They have a creativity and color that everyone likes. When you finish them, you can place them in a colorful place in the house to decorate it.

What materials will you need to make this craft? Two wooden clothespins, red and blue acrylic paint, a thin wire that can be bent easily, colored plastic beads, pipe cleaners to make the antennas, small pompoms, hot glue gun and paintbrushes.

If you want to learn how this craft is done, do not miss the post Butterflies with beads from Hama Beads where you can read the entire procedure and see a detailed tutorial with images so you don't miss anything.

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