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Manualidades On is a website dedicated to the world of DIY in which we propose multiple decorative and original ideas for you to do yourself. To help you, the web team is made up of passionate people who want to share their experience and skills in the world of crafts.

El Editorial team of Crafts On is composed of the following authors but if you also want to be part of it, do not hesitate to write us through the following form:


  • Jenny monge

    Since I can remember I have loved creating with my hands: writing, painting, doing crafts ... I studied art history, restoration and conservation and now I am focused on the world of teaching. But in my spare time I still love creating and now being able to share some of those creations.

  • Alicia tomero

    I am a great lover of creativity and crafts since my childhood. Regarding my tastes, I have to say that I am an unconditional faithful of pastry and photography, but I am also passionate about teaching all my skills to children and adults. It is exciting to be able to do a lot of things that can be done with our hands and see how far our dexterity can go.

  • Elizabeth Catalan

    Nothing gives more satisfaction than seeing your own finished craft. It's a hilarious and creative hobby. Take a look at my compilations and start practicing your skills. You will have a blast!

  • Tony Torres

    I am creative by nature, lover of everything handmade and passionate about recycling. I love giving a second life to any object, designing and creating everything you can imagine with my own hands. And above all, learn to reuse as a maxim of life. My motto is, if it no longer works for you, reuse it.

  • Virginia Bruno

Former editors

  • Marian monleon

    My name is Marian, I studied decoration and interior design. I am an active person who likes to create with my hands: painting, gluing, sewing ... I have always liked crafts and now I share them with you.

  • DonluMusical

    Bachelor of Music History and Sciences, classical guitar teacher and graduate in Music Education teaching. Since I was little I have had a passion for crafts. Color is one of my identity notes. I do tutorials on the internet so that more people share their passion for creating with me.

  • Irene Gil

    Writer, editor and artisan of the blog and YouTube channel "El Taller de Ire", creating content about DIY, crafts and crafts. Specializing in mosaics, creating artisan products with this technique for decoration shops, and in polymer clay and flexible dough, forming and working for more than 2 years for Jumping Clay.

  • maria jose roldan

    I have always liked crafts as I consider myself a creative person. It fascinates me how with few resources you can do great things.

  • Theresa Aseguin

    From Rosario, Argentina, I started almost by accident to generate web content while I was pursuing my law degree. I love crafts from a very young age, and always give them a second life to what was going to be thrown away.

  • Cecilia Diaz

    I am a dynamic, active and versatile person. I like to write and contribute my creations to the Blog, because that way, I share them with those like me who have an affinity for crafts.

  • Claudi casals

    Creating is natural, and imagination makes us creative. I hope that my creations offer you ideas and touches to personalize your life. Because if we are in our home, we hope to see the reflection of the expression of who we are.