Homemade and fun piggy bank for children

Homemade and fun piggy bank for children

We have one fun piggy bank for children, so they can save money and have lots of coins. If we analyze all the piggy banks that we can make, this is one of the most original that we can make.

It is made with recycled carton, with cuts that we can make little by little and with the help of the children we can build. If we do not do it with silicone, we can do it with white glue, so that there is no danger of getting burned by the silicone. We just have to follow the steps and do it as best we can. Also we have a demonstration video with all the details so that children can visualize their steps.

The materials that have been used for Mother's Day gifts:

  • Cardboard to recycle.
  • Pencil.
  • Ruler.
  • Scissors.
  • Silicone and its gun.
  • White spray paint.
  • 1 stick.
  • 1 bottle with a wide mouth.
  • 1 trimming knife.

You can see this manual step by step in the following video:

First step:

We custom make two triangles with two sides measuring 13 x 13 centimeters on each side. We cut them out.

Homemade and fun piggy bank for children

Second step:

We make a 6 x 12 centimeters rectangle and cut it out. We will also make another 6 x 13 centimeter rectangle.

Homemade and fun piggy bank for children

Third step:

We choose an empty bottle and cut out the mouth next to the cap. We take the cap and place it on top of the cardboard that we cut out to be 6x12 centimeters. With the help of a pencil we mark the circumference and cut out.

Fourth step:

We spread silicone around the circumference of the cap and glue it to the cardboard.

Homemade and fun piggy bank for children

Fifth step:

We glue the four pieces together to form the piggy bank. We cut out a small rectangle of 3,5 x 6 centimeters and glue it at the bottom.

Step Six:

We do roulette. With the help of a compass we make two 6 centimeter circles. We make a hole in the central part. We make the blades and to do this we measure the distance from the hole to the edge of the circumference. Afterwards they will have a width of just over 5 centimeters. We make 8 blades.

Seventh step:

We glue them and place the other circumference on top.

Eighth step:

We put the stick through the spinner, then fit it into the frame and trim the stick. In order for the roulette to slide well, several adjustments will have to be made. A trick is to make the holes very large so that the spinner runs well.

Nineth step:

We make a custom rectangle that covers the top of the piggy bank. It approximately measures 6,5 x 7,5 centimeters.

Then we painted the piggy bank white with the spray. To do this, disassemble the spinner and paint the pieces separately. When you have them dry, assemble it again and that's it.

Homemade and fun piggy bank for children

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