How to recycle fabric to make flowers

recycle flower fabrics

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If you are passionate about handicrafts, you surely have scraps of fabric, buttons, thread and other materials that you have used in other projects previously stored in a drawer at home. Not having thrown them away is an excellent idea because with these remains you can make new crafts and at the same time help preserve the environment by recycling. One of the projects that you can make to reuse the fabric are some pretty flowers.

You can use the fabric flowers to decorate your accessories, give a renewed air to your clothes or even decorate gifts and other crafts. Now. how to recycle fabric to make flowers? In the following post we review how to separate the remnants and what uses you can give them to make flowers.

Choose and separate the scraps of fabric that you want to recycle

Maybe you have a bunch of scraps of fabric from previous projects (knitting, cotton, linen, etc.) stored in a basket. take them out and sort them by fabric type, colors and sizes.

Another way to separate the pieces of fabric that you have at home is by prints: whether they are animal, floral or geometric motifs.

Once you have done this step, the next step will be to find a project that you like to recycle all these fabric scraps. On this occasion, we are going to see how to make beautiful and delicate fabric flowers, although you can give this material various uses: cushions, puppets for children, a bookmark, bracelets, a key ring, etc. There is no limit to the imagination!

How to recycle fabric to make flowers?

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Materials to create fabric flowers

If you have decided to give a second life to those leftover pieces of fabric that you have stored at home from other previous crafts, then you will need to make a small list of the materials that you will need to make other crafts, such as fabric flowers.

Let's see, below, some materials that can help you to create recycled fabric flowers.

  • a piece of paper
  • Fabrics of the tones, materials and prints that you like the most
  • A rule
  • A pen
  • a needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • a silicone gun
  • Some beads or stones to decorate
  • some sticks
  • Some dried flowers to decorate
  • Fabric paint and brushes

Ideas to make fabric flowers

beaded fabric flowers

Image| YuureYCrafts Youtube

Craft 1: Design to create fabric flowers with beads

Do you have some felt at home? The following craft is a great design if you want to take advantage of this fabric and start with a quick and easy pattern. These are very simple fabric flowers that you can use as complement to your outfits or to decorate other crafts and give it a nice touch. They also look great as a gift wrapping embellishment.

If you want to learn how to make this craft, I advise you to take a look at the post How to make fabric flowers where you can find all the steps.

Craft 2: Design to learn how to make double fabric flowers

Another model to learn how to recycle fabrics to make flowers is this one with double flowers. They look very pretty on fabrics like satin or satin. To achieve this effect you will have to join two layers of petals of different sizes in a single flower. The procedure to carry it out is quite simple with a little patience. You will see how the result looks great as a complement to children's clothing or if you want to decorate other crafts.

Do not miss the post How to make fabric flowers to learn how to make these double fabric flowers. I'm sure you'll end up doing a lot of them.

Craft 3: Design to make fabric flowers with linen to decorate

Looking for some cute embellishment to add a unique touch to gift wrapping or to serve as an accessory to present other crafts? Take a look at the post How to make fabric flowers because if you decide on this fabric pattern with linen you will see how you will want to repeat it on numerous occasions. In addition, these fabric flowers have the advantage that they do not take long to make.

Craft 4: Design to make fabric flowers with chiffon

El chiffon It is a light fabric, with a rough touch and a matte finish with which you can also make beautiful flowers. If you have this material at home and you would like to use it to make a craft, do not hesitate because the result is tremendously good.

With a simple search on the Internet you will be able to collect a lot of ideas with chiffon to make flowers using this type of fabric. Ready to unleash your creativity?

Craft 5: Design to make fabric flowers with boiled wool

It is a soft and resistant fabric that is very beautiful visually, so if you have left over boiled wool from other projects, do not hesitate to use it to make fabric flowers. They will look beautiful in the form of a brooch or to decorate some other craft such as a scarf or a hat.

On the Internet you can also find ideas to learn how to recycle fabric to make flowers using boiled wool.

Craft 6: Design to create painted fabric flowers

A very creative idea to carry out is paint a fabric flower with the decorative motifs that you like the most. For this model, the most appropriate thing is to choose a white fabric that you have at home and buy some fabric paint in a craft store.

This will allow you to customize the fabric flower to the maximum and apply an infinite number of details to it. It will be a unique design that you can use, for example, in hair accessories, brooches, shawls, hats, gloves and anything you want to give a delicate and beautiful touch.

Now that you know how to recycle fabric to make flowers and some proposals to learn how to make them, you may want to get down to work. Tell us in the comments section, which fabric would you like to start with? What is the flower design that you would most like to carry out?

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