How to sew a button easily

sew on a button

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One of the customs that has been lost over time is doing homework as small as making a patch or sewing on a button. Whether due to lack of time or knowledge, in modern culture this sewing task, as simple as it is essential for some people, can be a challenge. Mainly because they have not had the opportunity to learn correctly or because sewing seems like a very boring activity.

In case you want to learn how to how to sew on a button easily You have come to the right place because in this post you will discover how in a few simple steps you will be able to apply buttons to your favorite garments. Let's do it!

The first time you try it, it may not be perfect, but it will surely help you get out of trouble and show off your clothes in the best conditions. We are going to see, next, the materials that you are going to need to sew a button in a simple way.

What materials will you need to sew a button by hand?

If you have little experience in tasks like this, it will be essential that you use a thimble at first to avoid finger pricks. Next, you will have to get a button, a spool of son and a needle.

Regarding the choice of the needle, tell you that there are different sizes to adapt to different types of fabric and jobs. Therefore, if you do not know what size needle to choose, it is best to let yourself be advised by someone who knows a little more about the subject. And if not, when in doubt, opt for a small-sized needle because if you chose a size that is too large, the hole that it would cause in the fabric would be too visible and could not be remedied.

The same thing happens with the sewing thread. There are also multiple thicknesses but most of the time a fine type reel is usually chosen. As for the materials, there are many kinds but the most used is cotton. Regarding the color, say that if you are a beginner when it comes to sewing buttons, it is best to use a tone as similar to the color of the fabric so that the stitches are more hidden. Especially when sewing the first buttons when we look more insecure.

Steps to learn how to sew a button in a simple way with holes

sew a button easily

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First, you will need to prepare the thread that you will use to sew on the button. To do this, with the help of scissors, cut a strand of thread of approximately 50 or 70 centimeters. Then, thread the thread through the hole of the needle and fold it in half so that it is double. Then tie a tiny knot at the end of the thread to join the ends together.

Then it is time to place the button on the specific place on the fabric where you want to sew it. Now insert the needle into the fabric where the button will go. First you can practice on a scrap and when you feel more confident repeat what you have learned on the garment on which you want to sew the button. Start the action from the wrong side of the fabric and extract the needle from the right.

Next you have to pass the needle through the button holes trying to get the stitches as close together as possible. Remember to place something thin under the button so that when it is fully sewn it does not "stick" to the fabric. Then remove the pin that you have put under the button.

Then you will have to wind the thread several times around the space between the fabric and the button, tightening it well. Tie it by making a knot and with the help of scissors cut the excess thread.

Steps to learn how to sew a button in a simple way without holes

In case you need to sew a button without holes to a garment, you will have the advantage that the procedure is quite simple and the stitch is not visible. You'll just have to worry about the button grip and not so much how it looks.

After threading the needle, all you have to do is place the button in the indicated place on the fabric and start sewing giving one stitch after another through the back ring of the button until it is well attached. For this procedure, it will not be necessary to place a pin as a separator since the ring would already fulfill that function.

What kind of thread is the most resistant and suitable for sewing on a button?

It all depends on the fabric to which you are going to sew the button. For example, you want to sew a button to a blouse with a soft fabric, it is best to use a fine thread. On the other hand, if you plan to sew a button to a thick fabric coat, it is best to use a similar thread.

In any case, in the event that you feel undecided, you can always ask for advice at the haberdashery or store where you are going to buy the materials you need to sew on buttons. They will know how to assess what you need and advise you to obtain the best materials and the best result.

Can a button be sewn on by machine?

If you have to sew many buttons at once and you have some experience use a sewing machine It can be a good idea since it will make the task easier and simpler.

To sew a button on a machine you will need, in addition to the machine itself, some thread, scissors and a special button presser foot that holds the button against the needle plate to sew it on.

As for the procedure, you will have to place the button in the selected place and choose a serpentine stitch with a width equal to the distance of the button holes. Then, it is concluded with a reverse stitch.

Now you know how to sew a button in a simple way with a hole, without a hole, by hand and by machine. Which method will you put into practice first?

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