How to sew a zipper of a bag by machine

sew a zipper of a bag by machine

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Are you one of those people with a lot of creativity to capture in their crafts? Do you enjoy creating your own accessories? If you answered yes to these questions, surely you have at home an arsenal of accessories designed by you with which to decorate your beautiful looks: headbands, gloves, scarves, mobile phone covers, hats and even bags.

In the latter case, putting a zipper on a bag or a toiletry bag is a fundamental step so that they are well closed and the items that you keep inside are well protected from possible loss. Especially if you use the bag to go shopping. Magnet, button or buckle closures are very useful but if you want to jump start your craft skills and feel like trying something different, sew a zipper of a bag by machine is the challenge you are looking for. In this little tutorial we give you the keys to sew it. You are ready? Let's do it!

Perhaps sewing a zipper for a bag by machine seems a somewhat complicated task compared to other types of closures like the ones we mentioned earlier, but don't worry because with the following tricks it is easy if you know how. We are going to see the materials that you will need to learn how to sew a zipper for a bag by machine.

Materials to learn how to sew a bag zipper by hand

First you will need a sewing machine with a specific presser foot for sewing zippers. Although you could sew the zipper with the normal presser foot, it is not recommended as you could break the needle if you do not sew it correctly. For safety, the most appropriate thing is to change the presser foot.

Second, you will need a thread in the color of the bag and, of course, the zipper that you want to add.

Steps to learn how to sew a zipper for a bag by machine

  • When sewing the zipper of a bag by machine, it must be taken into account that it has a stop, a part with fabric and a toothed part of plastic or metal that forms the zipper itself.
  • The first thing will be to place the zipper fabric on the edge of the fabric bag where we want to put the closure. Right at the limit between the fabric and the zipper track.
  • Next you will have to place the fabric and the zipper on the sewing machine needle to start the task trying to make it as straight as possible. Placing the zipper foot will make your work easier as this element will act as a guide and will prevent the needle from deviating or twisting.
  • Little by little, he patiently sews the zipper to the bag. Remember that the color of the thread that will be visible is that of the bobbin, so make sure to choose a thread that is the same color as the bag or bag.
  • When sewing the zipper of a bag by machine, it is important that you do not forget to finish off the work or otherwise the zipper could come undone.
  • With the help of scissors, clean the threads that have remained at the beginning and end of the zipper after sewing.
  • Do not worry if there is an opening at the beginning or end of the zipper because you have not been able to sew well with the machine, because you can always finish it by hand giving a few little stitches with the needle that are not too noticeable.
  • Finally, just check the result by closing and opening the zipper several times to see if it has been well attached.
  • And that simple! In a few steps you have managed to sew a zipper for a bag on the machine with your own hands.

What is the main difference between sewing a bag zipper by machine or by hand?

sew a zipper materials

Image | Myriams-Photos via Pixabay

If you want to add a zipper to your bag or your bag to close it, you can use the method that you like best: both by hand and by machine. Actually, the main differences between the two modalities are the following:

  • If you choose the machine you will sew the zipper of the bag in less time than if you did it by hand. It is perfect if you need to have your bag ready for use as soon as possible. On the other hand, if you love to sew and enjoy every step of the process, doing it by hand may seem more fun and entertaining.
  • Using the sewing machine the stitches will be visible while if you choose the manual method you can hide them.

How to sew a bag zipper by hand

Speaking of sewing a zipper for a bag by hand, if you have already tried to do it by machine, would you like to try this other method?

It is a highly recommended idea because if you like to sew, you will have a great time sewing by hand and you will enjoy a most entertaining time. The materials that you are going to need are only a zipper, a needle and thread, some scissors, some pins and a cloth bag.

In case you want to try this system, I recommend that you read the post how to sew a bag zipper by hand. There you will find all the steps so that the result looks great on you! Do not miss it!

More ideas for sewing crafts

Sewing a button or zipper can be a very practical task or also a very imaginative one. With it, many people bring out their most creative side and even consider it to be a very relaxing activity.

If you are one of those people who love sewing and want to make new crafts, we advise you to take a look at various posts such as Dog bed cover with some old no-sew sheets, How to sew a sanitary napkin bag, How to mark the robes with the name of my children without sewing: How to sew shirt buttons.

You will surely have a fun time or learn interesting tricks. Which one will you start with first?

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