How to make an Easter basket

how to make a basket for easter

The Easter, a date highly anticipated by children, as they await their bunny, chocolates, sweets and eggs.

For that reason today in Crafts On we share with you a tutorial to make a basket easter, they can fill it with sweets, chocolates and give away.

Very simple andconomic to do, you will only need cardboard.

Materials to make a basket for Easter:

  • Colour cardboard, preferably they are matching, in this case I used a cardboard reversible, one side white and the other pink, in the image I show both sides
  • Makeup blush or blush
  • Flower mold, in this case I printed a flower without a petal, we will use one with petal and another like the one in the image, without a petal
  • Glue

Easter basket materials

Step by step to make a basket for Easter:

Step 1:

We cut out a full flower on cardstock, so that one side stay open, as we can see in the image.

easter basket step 1

Step 2:

Using the cardstock of another color, in this case I use the other side, we cut a flower with one less petal.

Also we cut out circles the size of our opening in the center of the flower.

easter basket step 2

Step 3:

By the edges of our flower, we blush with a cotton ball, this procedure creates shade and depth, in addition to "Hide" some imperfection at the time of trimming.

There are specific products for that effect, in this case use blush that will give us the same effect without problems.

easter basket step 3

Step 4:

We blush in all the pieces that we have cut out.

easter basket step 4

Step 5:

Using our first flower, the one with all the petals, let's join the part that we had open but from wrong side, as we can see in the image below, joining one petal over the other.

easter basket step 5 and 6

Step 6:

We should already have one concave shape, as we see in the image.

easter basket step 7

Step 7:

We glue a circle the same color in the center.

easter basket step 8

Step 8:

We do the same step 5 procedure in the flower which is missing a petal, this time joining two petals, we would have more concave and girl.

easter basket step 9

Step 9:

We paste another circle in the middle.

easter basket step 10

Step 10:

We stick one flower over the other, so that the the smallest is inside the largest, as we see in the image.

easter basket step 11

Step 11:

To finish, we cut a strip on the cardboard and we glue on the petals to form the handle of the basket.

easter basket 1

So it would be list our basket.

Fill with treats and have a beautiful gifts for this Easter.

We meet in the next one!

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