13 Crafts for children in kindergarten

Crafts for children in kindergarten

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Are you looking for craft ideas for children to have fun and entertain during their free time? You have come to the right place because in this post we present 13 very easy crafts for children in preschool with which they can play and develop their creativity.

Some of these crafts require the assistance of an adult but they all come with a short tutorial so you don't miss any steps. Let's start!

3D magic wand to make with children

3D magic wand

All the little ones love dressing up as wizards or fairies and playing fantasy and magic stories. Whether because they have a themed children's party or because they simply want to have fun playing, you can suggest creating their own magic wand. A good idea for them to let their imagination fly and be creative when making their own toys.

This 3D craft It is very easy to do but the little ones will most likely require a bit of your assistance to use some tools such as glue and scissors.

Would you like to know how this toy is made? Then take a look at the post 3D magic wand to make with children.

Easy caterpillar for kids with egg cartons

Caterpillar with egg cartons

Egg cartons are a very versatile material for creating crafts, especially for making crafts with children in preschool since it does not cut and is safe for them.

When they are gone, don't throw them away. Save them to make this fun easy caterpillar for kids with egg cartons. The result is fun and you will also be helping to recycle and take care of the environment.

Would you like to learn how to make this cute caterpillar and then teach the little ones how to make their own? You will need few materials and the process is quite simple. Don't miss the post Easy caterpillar for kids with egg cartons to learn how to do this craft step by step.

Cardboard snail to make with children

Cardboard snail

This craft is also a very fun proposal to teach children in kindergarten. Ideal for them to begin to learn for themselves how to use the materials and fit the pieces together while enjoying a fabulous time developing their creativity.

To make this craft you will need cardboard as a base material. It is very easy to get and you probably have many at home from other previous crafts. Other materials that you will need are the following: some scissors and a glue stick.

If you want to see how you can do this craft, we advise you to take a look at the post Cardboard snail to make with children Well there you will find all the instructions of the process with images.

Easy butterfly for kids

Easy butterfly for kids

Another of the crafts for children in kindergarten that you can teach is this colorful one easy butterfly. Colored cardboard and ice cream sticks are used as a base element. Helping you get these sticks will surely be one of the children's favorite tasks because it means they will have to eat ice cream. However, you will also need to gather other materials such as a black marker, crayons, glue or scissors.

The procedure to make this craft is quite simple. If you want to learn how to do it you will find a small explanatory tutorial in the post Easy butterfly for kids.

Easy octopus with cardboard

Octopus with toilet paper carton

The following craft is very easy and appropriate for children in preschool. It's about a nice octopus made with cardboard from a roll of finished toilet paper. This craft is a fantastic idea to keep children entertained and at the same time recycle used materials that we have at home and that they are going to go in the trash.

The materials to make this craft are very simple and you will surely have them stored in a closet from previous occasions: the toilet paper cardboard, a marker of the color we want, craft eyes and scissors.

Easy superhero with craft sticks and cardstock

Superhero with ice cream sticks

Another very fun and easy model to make using popsicle sticks It's this funny superhero. Again, the materials you will have to use to make this craft are colored markers, some cardboard, popsicle sticks, scissors and glue.

Among the advantages of this craft is that the level is easy, so small children will have no problem doing it with a little help from you if they need it. In a few minutes, the little ones will be able to play with their superhero. In addition, you can personalize them by choosing the colors and even the initial letter of the child's name to decorate their clothing and cape, for example. You can see how it is done in the post easy superhero with craft sticks and cardstock.

Bugs on the run

Little worms made with cardboard

The following craft is also a very simple toy with which to have fun. Is called bugs on the run and consists of cutting several strips of cardboard and folding them to make the shape of little worms.

The instructions are few and it is very easy but you can watch the video in the post Bugs on the run to see how this craft is made. Once it is finished, the children can compete and play races to see who wins. They'll have a great time!

Remember that to make this craft for children in preschool you will have to get colored cardboard, markers, scissors and some straws.

Friendly snail made with cardboard

Cardboard snail

The following craft is one of those perfect for keeping children entertained when they are a little unruly and bored at home during a weekend.

The instructions are very easy so They can practically do it on their own. even if they have a little help from you in certain steps. The materials you will need to create this craft are: two-color cardboard, scissors, a glue stick and a black marker.

Do you want to learn how to make this friendly snail to guide your children during the process? Take a look at the post Friendly snail made with cardboard!

Ladybugs for garden

Ladybugs for the garden

This craft is also another very easy idea to show the children to keep them entertained one afternoon at home when they don't have school. If you help them, they will have a great time playing and doing tasks with you. Are ladybugs for garden They look great in pots or on the lawn.

What materials will you need to carry out this craft? Stones with rounded surfaces, resistant black, red and white paint, brushes and varnish.

Once you have gathered them all, it is time to get down to the craft. To see how it is done, don't miss the post Ladybugs for garden.

floating boat with corks

floating boat with corks

This craft is one of the most fun, ideal for when the weather is good outdoors. It's about a floating boat made with corks with which children can have a good time playing and watching it float in the pool (under the supervision of an adult) or in a basin of water if we are at home and the weather is not good to go out

Although it is a craft focused on little ones, there are steps that will require your help, for example in handling hot silicone. Other materials you will need are bottle corks, colored EVA foam, wooden sticks and small elastic bands.

Do you want to learn how it's done? If you have a few minutes, check out the post floating boat with corks where you will see the entire process with images.

Rabbit-shaped puppet

Children love puppets and theater! How about doing some with them? rabbit-shaped puppets so they can create their stories and develop their imagination? You're going to love this idea!

To make this puppet you will need to get all these materials: cardboard in the colors we like the most, markers to draw the details of the puppet, craft eyes, scissors, paper glue and pencils.

Making this rabbit-shaped puppet is so easy that there is no trick. In the post Easter finger puppet  You have a video where you can see step by step how it is done, so it will be very easy for you to carry it out.

black cardboard mummy

Black cardboard mummy for Halloween

This themed craft is perfect for teaching children in preschool so that get familiar with Halloween. While you explain the origin of this very popular party, you can show them how to make this craft with a little black cardboard, white wool, glue, scissors and some other materials that you can see in the post. Black cardboard mummy for Halloween. In fact, children often keep these materials in their pencil cases.

The instructions to create this mummy are very easy. Discover the instructions for this craft by clicking on the link to the post.

Geometric shapes to print made with toilet paper rolls

Geometric shapes with cardboard rolls

This craft is done in a jiffy! In addition, it will help you teach children the different geometric forms and their names in an original and fun way.

Take note of the materials you will need: the cardboard from some rolls of paper already used, some markers of different colors and a notepad.

In the post Geometric shapes to print You can see a small tutorial to put this idea into practice. Do not miss it!

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