15 Easy and Original Crafts for Carnival

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Carnival is a great time of year to develop all our imagination and creativity by designing costumes, masks, hats and all kinds of fun accessories to go to a party with. If you are going to organize one at home or you want to entertain yourself or for the children to entertain themselves one afternoon designing their own crafts, take a look at these 15 Easy and Original Crafts for Carnival.

Children's carnival mask

Carnival mask

Carnival masks are an essential accessory for any costume to enjoy these parties. Masks were widely used in ancient Venice during the great Carnival balls where attendees adorned themselves with beautiful masks.

This children's carnival mask The one I present to you in this post is super easy to do, so the little ones can actively participate in its preparation and have a very entertaining time designing their own costume. The materials are very simple: white cardboard, colored markers, rubber band, felt pom-poms, scissors and glue. Do you want to learn how it is done? don't miss the post Children's carnival mask.

Carnival Earrings

Carnival Earrings

After making the Carnival mask you can continue adding accessories to your costume by making the most colorful earrings that will attract a lot of attention. It is about fantasy style earrings that are made with colored fabric and some stars.

To make this craft, get gold glitter cardboard, scissors, hot glue and your gun, a pair of hoop-shaped earrings and two printed stars to use as tracing. in the post Carnival Earrings You can find the templates of the stars to print them as well as a video tutorial with all the steps to make these fabulous earrings. You will love them!

DIY: Carnival hat, special for the little ones in the house

Carnival hat

In any Carnival costume worth its salt, you cannot miss a funny hat that gives an original touch to your outfit. Also, if you haven't had time to make a very elaborate costume with this hat you can celebrate Carnival in style. The best? It's pretty and very easy to do.

Take some red cardstock, white and red tissue paper, string, scissors, glue, eraser, and pencil. You can see how it is done in the post DIY: Carnival hat, especially for the little ones in the house.

Funny carnival glasses

Carnival mask

how are you glasses to decorate a costume? You can prepare them in a jiffy with materials that you already have stored at home from other previous crafts such as black cardboard, star stickers, tape, scissors, glue and a small yogurt container.

This craft is perfect for children to spend the afternoon entertaining after snack making their own carnival costume. Do you want to see how it's done? in the post Funny carnival glasses you have all the steps.

Cardboard crowns of kitchen rolls and toilet paper

cardboard crowns

In addition to the previous hat, another very cool Carnival craft for the little ones are these cardboard crowns with which they can have a great time at a Carnival or birthday party, entertaining and designing their own costume.

Get a few cartons of toilet paper rolls, scissors, rubber band, markers, hole punch, brushes and paints. These are all the materials you will need. To see how it is done, I recommend reading the post Cardboard crowns of kitchen rolls and toilet paper.

Robot Costume

Robot costume

One of the coolest and easiest costumes to make for Carnival is the robot. The materials are super easy to get: a cardboard box, aluminum foil, plastic caps, markers, cardboard, cutter, glue gun and double-sided tape. In addition, the steps are not complicated at all, so you can prepare a robot costume quite successful for children that will get you out of trouble if a last minute Carnival party arises at school. See how it's done in the post Robot Costume.

Carnival mask for children

Carnival mask

If to celebrate this party what you like the most are the eye masks, then you have to prepare this pretty mask. It is one of the easiest Carnival crafts you can do. If you love these festivities, there is no doubt that you will have a great time doing this craft.

Take yellow paint, white cardboard, black markers, tape, scissors, paper, rubber and pencil. The first thing you will need to make this mask is to make a sketch and after following the steps indicated in the post Carnival mask for children.

Fish hat for Carnival

Carnival hat

Do you want to wear a striking hat full of colors at Carnival? Take a few large pieces of cardboard, some colored crayons, rubber band, scissors and glue. They will be the materials you will need to make this fish hat. In the post Fish hat for Carnival You will be able to see the manufacturing process of this curious craft for Carnival.

Dance mask for Carnival

Carnival mask

Another of the easiest crafts for Carnival to do is this dance mask. It's really easy to do, so it won't take you long to design it. That is why it is perfect for children to have a fun time during the holidays while they make it.

What materials will you need? Tracing paper or release paper, string, hot glue gun, and any extra decorations like tassels, beads, or feathers that might look good. in the post Dance mask for Carnival You will see all the steps to create it.

Original masks for Carnival

Original masks for Carnival

For Carnival there are many types of masks to choose from. In this list I have already shown you some but there are still more. For example these models with feathers and horns that simulate the faces of animals. The advantage? They're very easy to do and won't take long, so if you haven't had a chance to find or create a mask for carnival, this design can get you out of trouble and surely the children will love helping you make them. It is fun!

Take note of the materials you will need: cardboard from an egg cup, colored EVA rubber, hot silicone and its gun, acrylic paint and some other things. You can see all the materials and the process to make these masks in the post Original masks for Carnival.

Carnival EVA glasses to make with children

carnival glasses with eva rubber

If you give a Carnival party, you are glasses with eva rubber They are great to surprise guests and have fun taking photos. They are ideal for any Carnival costume and it also takes little time and materials to make them. In fact, they are so easy to prepare that even the little ones can participate.

This design is in the shape of a heart, but in reality, you can give this Carnival craft the shape that you like the most. You will need foam, white glue, colored polo sticks, scissors and washi tape. Learn how to do them in the post Carnival EVA glasses to make with children.

Unicorn mask for Carnival

Unicorn mask for Carnival

Who would have thought that using your hands as a template you could prepare this unicaornium mask so original? Grab some white cardstock, some colored markers, a rubber band, and some glitter to create this colorful design.

In the post Unicorn mask for Carnival You can also find the templates for the unicorn horn and the flowers that you will need to complete the mask, as well as a video tutorial with all the steps. You'll love it! It is one of the coolest crafts for Carnival.

2 funny masks for Carnival

2 funny masks for Carnival

If you prepare a children's party to celebrate Carnival, you can organize the children to design their own animal shaped mask. They will have a blast! in the post 2 funny masks for Carnival you can see how the model of a cat and a bat is made.

What materials will you need? Colored cardboard, elastic rubber, cold silicone glue, scissors, ruler, pen and rubber.

How to make a kazoo to play music at Carnival

Carnival Kazoo

But in this compilation of crafts for Carnival you will not only find masks, hats, earrings and costumes but also this kazoo, a musical instrument that accompanies these parties.

The materials you will need are easy to find and you will surely have many of them already at home from other previous crafts. Get the cardboard of a roll of toilet paper, colored sheets, tissue paper, eva rubber and some more things that you can read in the post How to make a kazoo to play music at Carnival.

Garland of triangles made with furry clothes

Garland for Carnival

And lastly, to decorate a Carnival party, you cannot miss this spectacular wreath made with stuffed clothes. To make this garland you will need to have notions to use the sewing machine as it is a tool that you will need during the process.

Other materials that you will need are: colored furry clothes, needle and thread, cushion filling and scissors. If you want to see how it is done do not miss the post Garland of triangles made with furry clothes.

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